Red Wine and Spirits

"Every fallen Patriot should be toasted by name, lest we forget."

American Soldier Dog Tag
Red Wine ; American Soldier Dog Tag

Toast The Fallen Initiative

Since the beginning of our Nation's founding, over 2 million Americans have lost their lives in service to our freedom. Yet, unless we have heard their name in a movie, read it in a book, or know them personally, most of us couldn't even name five. At Battle Cry and Spirits, along with, we are determined to honor each fallen Patriot that has sacrificed the ultimate gift. It is our mission to toast every person by name that has died for our freedom since 1775.

Every bottle of Blood of Patriots wine comes with a dog tag displaying the information of a hero who died for your freedom. We ask that while you enjoy our wine, you take a moment to toast to them and be thankful for the good lives we have, because of them.

Upload a picture of your toast, and add the hashtag #ToastTheFallen so others may honor them as well. 

Thank you for your support in joining our Toast The Fallen Initiative.

Red Wine American Soldier Dog Tag
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Red Wine and Spirits

Our Partners

Battle Cry and Spirits has partnered with to create Blood of Patriots, a beautifully blended red wine made as a sacrament to our fallen heroes. 

Each bottle comes with its own authentic dog tag,

to toast a life lost, we may live.

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Hope. Meaning. Purpose.

With each bottle purchased, we honor them by sharing our proceeds with other missions that help our veterans find hope, meaning and purpose. Your purchase will help fund a wide variety of much needed support for our vets. 

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Why the
dog tags?

The dog tag is the most representative accent to any service member. It is our marker, our insignia, our signature into a club only a select few will ever know.

The stamped aluminum is the very foundation of everything we hold dear. All too often it is the only thing brought home when an American Warrior is befallen. Holding the tags in my hand is a deep reminder that my freedom is not free. I am only free because of their selfless sacrifices. It is a solemn reminder of the fragility of freedom and life as we know it.

Do you have a loved one who has paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country?
We'd love to hear their story. Send us a message below.

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Please like and share our page. Take a picture of your toast to a fallen hero and post it to our page with the hashtag #ToastTheFallen. Doing so will allow others to honor them as well.